Official Warhorse Rewards Rules

The following rules form the basis of participation in the WarHorse Gaming LLC (“WarHorse Gaming”) WarHorse Rewards patron loyalty program (“WarHorse Rewards”). A patron’s participation in WarHorse Rewards will be governed by these rules. It is the patron’s responsibility to read these rules so that they understand WarHorse Rewards’ rules and benefits, as well as the patron’s responsibilities. A patron’s enrollment as a member of WarHorse Rewards and/or their use of a WarHorse Rewards card constitutes their acceptance of these rules. WarHorse Rewards tier levels are set each year based on the WarHorse Rewards member’s patronage from the previous earning period. WarHorse Rewards members may continually upgrade to the next highest tier throughout the year as they attain the Tier Points (as defined below) required to advance.


  1. WarHorse Rewards members will receive card tier status based on the following accrued Tier Points and/or by applicable casino property management approval:
    • Emerald – 50,000+ Tier Points
    • Ruby – 15,000-49,999 Tier Points
    • Sapphire – 3,000-14,999 Tier Points
    • Member – 0-2,999 Tier Points
  2. Earn 1 Point & 1 Tier Point for:
    • $5 Slot coin-in
    • $10 coin-in on video poker or table games slots
    • $5 Horse racing bet
    • $1 Food or beverage purchase
    • Sports wagers do not earn Points or Tier Points.
  3. In order to receive Tier Points a WarHorse Rewards member must have his or her WarHorse Rewards card properly inserted into an electronic gaming device or must swipe his or her WarHorse Rewards card when purchasing food/beverages or placing horse racing bets.
  4. It is the WarHorse Rewards member’s responsibility to ensure that play is registering properly on their WarHorse Rewards card.
  5. Tier Points have no cash value.
  6. The award of any card tier is within the sole discretion of WarHorse Gaming’s Chief Marketing Officer or designee (“WarHorse Rewards management”) regardless of a WarHorse Rewards member’s Tier Points and may be rejected at any time for any reason.
  7. Points can be redeemed in multiple ways according to a WarHorse Rewards member’s election, as listed below:
WarHorse Point Redemption Points Dollars
Free Play
  1. Points and/or Tier Points may take up to SIXTY (60) days to appear in a member’s WarHorse Rewards account.
  2. Point balances may be removed after SIX (6) months of inactivity (i.e., if a WarHorse Rewards member does not earn any Points over a period of SIX (6) months, any balance may be removed). Please note that earning Points through promotional means shall still be considered “inactivity” for purposes of this section.
  3. Advice on keeping username and password credentials secure and confidential:
    • Do not share your username or password with anyone for any reason.
    • Change your username or password upon indication of compromise.
    • Avoid using the same passwords for multiple accounts.
    • Don’t have the password based on any personal information such as your username, family name, pet/s, birthday, anniversary, etc.
  4. WarHorse Gaming may close any account with no activity (an inactive account) for at least three (3) years, including making a wager, making an account deposit, or withdrawing funds. WarHorse Gaming shall have procedures in place to allow access to a patron’s inactive account only after performing additional identity verifications. WarHorse Gaming shall not charge an administration fee or maintenance fee for any inactive account.
  5. You must be TWENTY-ONE (21) years of age or older to wager, to participate in the WarHorse Rewards program and must be able to present valid government issued photo ID.
  6. An individual’s WarHorse Rewards card, prizes, Tier Points, points, entries and any other WarHorse Rewards benefits or awards are non-transferable and the use of a WarHorse Rewards card by any person other than the individual named on the card is prohibited. In the event of a divorce of a WarHorse Rewards member, the named WarHorse Rewards member retains all points unless otherwise stated by a valid and final court order submitted to the applicable casino property. In the event of a death of a WarHorse Rewards member, all points remain non-transferable and shall expire as set forth herein.
  7. Falsification of any information as it applies to these rules, a WarHorse Rewards card, the WarHorse Rewards program at-large or an individual’s affiliation with WarHorse Gaming and/or its subsidiaries may result in ineligibility.
  8. WarHorse casino property may adjust points balances resulting from any malfunction, fraud or misuse as determined appropriate in its sole discretion.
  9. By participating in the WarHorse Rewards program a patron agrees to all official rules, as amended from time to time, and decisions of WarHorse Casino and WarHorse Rewards management whose decisions in all aspects of the WarHorse Rewards program shall be final and binding.
  10. All WarHorse Rewards members are responsible for any international, United States federal, state or local taxes and/or government fees that may be imposed in connection with the WarHorse Rewards program.
  11. Each WarHorse Rewards member shall indemnify and hold harmless WarHorse Gaming, including its subsidiaries and their employees, officers, directors, agents and assigns (collectively, the “WarHorse Gaming Indemnitees”) from and against any damage, loss, claim or liability arising from his or her participation in the WarHorse Rewards program. Each WarHorse Rewards member agrees that the WarHorse Gaming Indemnitees assume no liability of any kind for any property loss or damage or personal injury occurring in connection with any prizes.
  12. WarHorse Rewards management reserves the right to cancel, change or modify this program or the official rules at any time in accordance with the applicable gaming regulations and/or law.
  13. Redemption of WarHorse Rewards benefits is subject to the terms and conditions of these rules, as may be amended from time to time without notice in WarHorse Gaming’s sole discretion.
  1. WarHorse Casino and/or WarHorse Rewards management reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to void any WarHorse Rewards benefits and suspend or close any patron account of a WarHorse Rewards member who they believe has tampered with or impaired the administration security, fairness or proper use of any WarHorse Rewards benefit.
  2. Any dispute or situation not covered by these rules will be resolved by the WarHorse Rewards management and/or WarHorse Gaming, whose decision shall be final and binding on all participants.
  3. The WarHorse Rewards program is subject to all applicable federal, state and/or local rules and regulations, including those applicable to the gaming industry, and all aspects of the program are subject to approval of the appropriate regulatory authorities and are void where prohibited.
  4. By participating in the WarHorse Rewards program, participants hereby grant WarHorse Gaming, including its subsidiaries/affiliates, permission to use his/her name, photograph, and likeness in connection with the advertising and promotion of its products, in any manner and in any medium, without additional compensation, as WarHorse Gaming in its sole discretion, shall deem appropriate or desirable. Participants irrevocably consent to the unrestricted use, in perpetuity, for purposes including, but not limited to, display, advertising, sale and trade, and including any alterations or modifications whatsoever of said photograph, including the negatives and prints made there from and by WarHorse Gaming, its employees, agents, customers, successors, and assigns forever. Participants waive any right, which he/she may otherwise have, to inspect or approve the photographs or prints made from the negative thereof, with respect to: 1) any alterations or modifications, any material or commentary, 2) any publication using the name of the undersigned, no name, or fictitious name, 3) and use for the purpose of publicity, illustration, commercial art and 4) any advertising of products or services.
  5. Persons who are on a Voluntary/State Exclusion or Self Exclusion list in jurisdictions in which WarHorse Gaming operates or who have been otherwise excluded from a WarHorse Gaming property are not eligible to participate in the WarHorse Rewards program.
  6. In the event a WarHorse Rewards member is excluded from any WarHorse Gaming property (either voluntarily or via some other method), or in the sole discretion of WarHorse Gaming has violated these rules are engaged in conduct WarHorse Gaming deems unacceptable or prohibited, WarHorse Gaming reserves the right to require that member to immediately forfeit any and all Points, Tier Points or benefits associated with the WarHorse Rewards program.
  7. In the event that WarHorse Gaming and/or any one of its subsidiaries decides to transfer pre-existing points and/or membership status, from an outside membership participating program similar to the WarHorse Rewards patron loyalty program, discretion with regard to transfer status, point-to-point ratio, the membership level at which an individual is transferred and/or any other similar decision related thereto, shall belong solely to WarHorse Gaming and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates, in their discretion.
  8. Gambling problem? WarHorse Gaming cares about the welfare of its guests and encourages players to play responsibly and only within their means. If gambling is causing you to experience financial problems or problems with your personal, family or professional life, help is just a phone call away at: 1-833-BetOver (1-833-238-6837).

All information is current as of June 1, 2023

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